Friday, September 30, 2011

US Soccer's New Hope: German Black Guy Movement

U.S. Men's Soccer is trying everything to elevate their program so they can realistically compete for a World Cup in the future.

They've hired former German star Jurgen Klinsmann as head coach and are over hauling their development but their most promising initiative may be entirely unintentional: African-American servicemen based in Germany.

These men may have single-handedly created the next generation of American soccer players.

They're seemingly getting German women pregnant at a rate comparable to NBA players.

Although I'm pretty sure this isn't their intention when they're trying to bed German women.  It's more like an unexpected benefit as they're serving their country in more ways than one.

A serviceman can theoretically tell the woman he got her pregnant that he did it for the good of U.S. Soccer, but that's probably not the best card to play in that situation.

It seems like there's an explosion of black German-born soccer players with American servicemen fathers who are eligible and want to play for the United States.  It's crazy.

These players include Jermaine Jones, Fabian Johnson, Timmy Chandler, and Danny Williams who all ply their trade in Germany.

It's almost the perfect plan because soccer people are always complaining that top U.S. athletes don't want to play soccer.

But in this case, the players come up through the vastly superior German system where they develop their technical skills and then the US reaps the benefit of the finished product.

In fact it's so good a system I wonder if US soccer is covertly behind it.  If so, they should expand the program to other countries.

It's entirely possible the U.S. could win the World Cup by just getting women pregnant in soccer rich countries.

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