Friday, September 9, 2011

WhoNu Chocolate Sandwich Cookies, an Oreo Rip Off

WhoNu chocolate sandwich cookies are yet another feeble attempt to make imitation Oreo cookies.

A lot of people think of the Hydrox cookie as a common knock off of the Oreo cookie like WhoNu, but the Hydrox cookie actually came before the Oreo.

When will people learn there can only be one Oreo cookie and nobody wants an inferior version?

It's like asking your Mom to get Fruit Loops and having her get generic store brand Fruit-O's instead.  No, it's not the same basic cereal.

This one has a weird aftertaste and instead of Toucan Sam on the box it's a strange looking Toucan that's so irregular it could be sold at Marshalls and probably has bird flu.

WhoNu even attempts to emulate the signature design pattern of the Oreo cookie.  Much like the Hydrox cookie design, it pales in comparison to the Oreo one.  

The weak design is yet another indication of WhoNu's inferior quality.  

Of course, the Oreo design can never be beaten because apparently it's so intricate it's like the "Da Vinci Code" conspiracy of cookie designs.  See what I mean here

WhoNu's selling point is that the cookies have more nutruitional value than a regular cookie because it contains essential vitamins along with iron and calcium.

Yeah, I don't think anybody is eating chocolate cookies for their nutritional value.  If they are, then they have issues.

If anything, it will just trick people into thinking that eating a bunch of cookies is fine because it has benefits.

Knowing that you have a sufficient amount of vitamin A isn't going to make you feel better when you have diabetes.  Instead you'll just be like this guy with diabetes.

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