Friday, October 28, 2011

Bad Dudes

I was recently reminded of the 80s arcade and Nintendo game "Bad Dudes."  Looking back, it truly had to be one of the laziest video games ever created.

They just tried to make a game around buzz words.  In fact, the internet confirms that the game is based on 80s pop culture when Michael Jackson's "Bad" and ninjas were popular.

The plot focused around ninjas kidnapping the U.S. president only reinforces this belief.  Because you know, ninjas are always doing stuff like that.

Not to mention, the government asks two street smart brawlers named Blade and Striker to rescue the president.

It's probably because of their cool 80s names and the fact that Nitro and Laser were unavailable.

I imagine the development of this game went something like this:

Executive # 1:  What if the main characters are bad, but they're also                                      dudes?  They're bad dudes.

Various Executives agree.

Executive # 1:  Okay, now we need a plot.
Executive # 2:  How about ninjas kidnap the president?
Executive # 1:  Great.
Executive # 3:  Are you sure we should just use the first idea we come up                              with?
Executive # 1:  Why not?  It's good enough.


  1. No one is debating the coolness of ninjas, but they need be doing things that make sense instead of kidnapping the U.S. president.

  2. could this be the only video game featuring ronald reagan?