Friday, December 9, 2011

Cold Pizza Equals Domestic Violence

At least that's what this 90s anti-abuse ad seems to indicate.  Clearly domestic abuse is not a laughing matter, but this over the top ad isn't helping people take it seriously.

It's difficult to get past the whole pizza issue.  Last time I checked, pizza wasn't the gateway drug to domestic violence.

What did pizza ever do to anybody?  Nobody would get that irrationally angry about pizza.  Even a guy who's lactose intolerant wouldn't get that angry.

I mean I saw some bizarre stuff go down at Papa Gino's back in the day, but nothing like this.

Yet, this isn't even the craziest domestic violence commercial ever made.  Let's just say that Canadians take it to a whole new level, and saying "sore-ree" won't help.  This clip contains some NSFW language:

Friday, December 2, 2011

James Bond Jr.

Everything about this 1991 cartoon show is awful.  The theme song is one of the worst things I've ever heard, and the whole concept lacks logic.

Why make a show based around Bond lore when the character can't womanize or kill people?  These are essential Bond activities.

Then there's the whole junior issue.  The character didn't have to be a junior because it just could have been a younger version of James Bond instead.

Even worse, James Bond Jr. isn't even James Bond son,  he's his nephew.  That makes no sense at all.  

I think this probably explains the creative process behind the show.  There's really no other explanation.