Friday, January 20, 2012

Roller Coaster Scene From Fear

The movie "Fear" is an interesting subject in its own right, but the rollercoaster scene certainly qualifies as one of its most memorable scenes.

I had forgotten about it until a friend referenced it last week.  

The scene is great for so many reasons, although none of those reasons include its original intent to be a special moment.  The scene's so cheesy that it's full of unintentional comedy.

Reese Witherspoon just can't let Mark Wahlberg get to third base anywhere, it has to be on a roller coaster soundtracked by a cover of the Rolling Stones song "Wild Horses"  to set the appropriate mood.

You know because it's naturally the perfect setting for this type of thing.  I imagine the writer being so proud of himself for coming up with this.

"No, no you don't understand.  It has to be on a roller coaster because it's a subtle metaphor for the sexual experience and her climax."

That's about as subtle as using this song to play in the background during it.

Although, there's two important things we can take from this scene.

First, if you let a guy do this to you on a roller coaster then there's a 50 percent chance he might be mentally unstable and become dangerously obsessed with you.

Second, it really makes you think about how dirty that roller coaster seat you're sitting on might be.  I doubt they clean those seats well, and a fair amount of people have seen "Fear."

Who's to say people weren't inspired to have their own moment on a roller coaster?

The scene's also great because it involves a young Witherspoon and Wahlberg in roles they'd like to forget. 

I'm sure they're both embarrassed by it since they're now legitmate actors, and probably cringe at the thought of it.

If they had their way, then this clip probably wouldn't exist.  But unfortunately for them, wild horses couldn't drag the internet away.

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