Friday, May 18, 2012

Bacardi 50s Party Commercial

This Bacardi commercial set at a 50s party drives me insane.  It's played during every commercial break of the NBA playoffs .

I couldn't figure out why it bothers me so much until I realized it's because it doesn't make sense.  The commercial is historically inaccurate.

It's funny how history is reimagined in commercials.  This party is supposed to be set in 1957 yet it features people dancing to 30s type swing music.

Swing was pretty much dead by 1957.  All they had to do was set the party in the 30s if they wanted to emphasize swing music.

Unless the whole point was to show that Bacardi makes people culturally irrelevant or so drunk they don't know what decade it is.

But that's not the only issue.  Apparently Bacardi magically solved racial inequality in 1957 and nobody told me.  The black guy and woman would never be allowed at that party.

There's not enough Bacardi in the world to make that okay in 1957, and a bunch of drunk white men wouldn't take take too kindly to a black guy dancing with two white women.

It's probably not a coincidence you don't see much of the black guy after that happens.

Yeah, it's usually not a good idea to place token minorities in a situation where the realistic end result would be a hate crime.

In this alternate Bacardi timeline,  Malcolm X's proclamation of  "By any means necessary" for equal rights naturally refers to swing music and Bacardi as those means.


  1. Coming from the person who is unable to spell "you're" correctly, that really hurts.

  2. So you have never been to an 80's party before?

    But wait could people today party to music from the 80's. Glam rock and powerballads are pretty much dead! So no, there is absolutely no way that people today could party with 80's music.

    What your saying arguably makes it more historically accurate. Madmen makes the same mistake ... absolutely everything is of the exact era. What if there were still not 40' and even 30's cars still on the road? ....just like today we still see 90's and even late 80's vehicles in common operation.

    1. For a 30 second commercial you really want to jump through the hoops of saying it's 1957, but they're having a nostalgia 30s party? Why set it a specifically 1957 if you want 30s feel? That's an extremely convoluted message for a commercial.

      You're not going to make a 90s commercial just to emphasize the 80s. In addition, the magical racial equality still makes it historically inaccurate.

      I get what you're saying with the car analogy, but don't think it's relevant in this case. Bacardi has another commercial showing people partying with Bacardi through different time periods. In this commercial, they want to emphasize a specific time period.

    2. Yeah, it's a thoroughly awful commercial. I love your responses to the other anonymous poster, that person is a buffoon.

  3. what makes it even more interesting is how since it originally aired ...the tempo of the song has increased ..and a more modern club like bass and cymbal has been added.

    i guess it didn't test well originally ...and they had to go ahead and ruin what was a great visual edit and good song order to make it appeal more to a demographic who i am assuming are mostly idiots ...

  4. YES. Someone else noticed how stupid this commercial is. Thank you for restoring my faith in that there are still people left in the world who are actually educated.

  5. I totally agree with you. And the way they were dancing and touching on each other? They would have flipped a shit in the 50s.

    And as someone is very interested in the 1950s fashion (I even sew my own 50s dresses), I will point out that their fashion isn't accurate. Their dresses are too short. 50s dresses were almost to the ankle. Evening gowns were even longer (floor length).

    AND they changed it a bit so the opening said "if history is supposed to be boring, no one told us", then cut to the dancing. Um, not just because something happened in the 50s does not make it "boring" stuff like you'd learn in history class. That's just stupid.

    You know what makes it even better? That's not a real vintage song. It's called Chambermaid Swing by Parov Stelar, which was made in the past decade. It's a pretty good song, but it doesn't belong on that commercial.

    I have ranted about this commercial to my family since the first time I saw it. Now I can complain about it on the internet! :P

  6. I hate that commercial as well. I noticed the same thing...the music is absolutely totally off...people were listening to Elvis and Ray Charles back then...not swing music.

    And black people didn't typically attend parties with white people...interracial dating was unacceptable.

    Beyond the fashion, the hairstyles are also off....the white guy in the ad has a modern day beard that is partially grown in with slicked back hair...beards and long hair were not at all in style in 1957 and were very uncommon.

    The dancing is also absurd..."the Twist" was cutting edge then...certainly not the sexual innuendo in the dancing where the guy is about to bury his head in the woman's shaking cleavage.

    The commercial just pisses me off and it's insulting to anybody who is basically not retarded....I'm sure my dad, who is in his mid-60's, sees that ad and doesn't feel as if it is anywhere close to historically accurate.

  7. Wow this is awesome. It's nice to know that other people get as annoyed with this commercial as I do. Thought I might be in the minority here.

  8. Ha! It's a commercial not a history class. Flip through channels or go grab a drink during the break if it bothers you so much. And the tea length dress was very popular in the 50s and averaged between 39 to 42" long, not exactly ankle length. Also maybe it isn't set in America, ever consider that?

    1. Exactly!! Why does everyone automatically assume the commercial takes place in America. The setting could very well have taken place in Cuba. This would solve all off the questions about fashion and racial issues. I agree the commercial is extremely annoying but this does not excuse your blind ignorance. Maybe I'm wrong but I think rum is popular in Cuba as well as in the United States. Also please people stop using Ur instead of you're or your. Abbreviation is not an acceptable substitute for education.

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  9. Personally, I like the commercial and the musical beat, it's a happy beat expressing having fun! Fun is something more people need to have and stop being so serious and political about everything, but this is just my opinion of things I have learned over a span of six decades...Anonymous Too

  10. It is art. Get over it.