Friday, May 11, 2012

Jon Hamm Answers Questions From Teenage Girls

When teenage girls are down and troubled and need a helping hand, modern renaissance man Jon Hamm will give them advice.   He answered five questions from teenage girls as part of Rookie magazine's web series "Ask A Grown Man."

He humorously answers pressing questions such as "Is it gross to fart in front of your significant other?"  Hamm advises that everybody farts so it's not a big deal.

If there's a whole generation of shameless farters, we know where it started.

We also learn that Hamm's not a fan of someone claiming to be "16ish" as he believes you're either 16 or you're not. 

He signs off by telling them to go watch "The Hunger Games" since they're probably too young to watch "Mad Men."

Hamm proves there's at least one 41-year-old stranger with a webcam and scruffy beard that parents would let their teenage daughters communicate with online.

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