Friday, May 4, 2012

Perfect Strangers Video Game

Prepare to spend way too much time playing the "Perfect Strangers" video game based on the 80s/90s TV show.  Video game designer Jason Oda,  the same guy who made the Emo game, created it.

Playable at,  it's basically a dramatic interpretation of the show's catchy theme song "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now" as Balki departs from Mypos and must catch as many stars as he can to achieve his/your dream.

It's kind of crazy, but you'd be surprised how addicting and inspirational the game actually is.

For that brief moment, you believe that if Balki can achieve his dream then you can.

Until you realize that Balki would never make it to America today because he'd be detained at customs due to his quirky behavior.

That would definitely stop him now and for several months during which he would become bitter and anti-American.

The website for the game was down yesterday, but now it's back up.  That day was a dark time because I lacked the ability to be "standing tall on my the wings of my dreams."

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