Friday, May 25, 2012

Playing With the Boys Music Video Breakdown

Most people know Kenny Loggins 1986 song "Playing With the Boys" from in the famous "Top Gun" volleyball scene, but it also has an official music video that affirms that homoerotic undertones and volleyball should always be associated with the song.

Loggins must have been on some bizarre personal mission to make it the official anthem of volleyball because clearly that was the only thing holding volleyball back from becoming America's fifth major sport.

Or he's part of some volleyball secret society that controls the world.  Who makes sure people like volleyball?  We do! We do!

Within the first 10 seconds of this video, I'm already confused.  I'm sure people did some crazy things in the 80s, but I doubt a group of people breaking into a high school gym to play volleyball was one of them.

I hope everybody remembered to wear their L.A. Gear sneakers for this game.

How come that one guy is playing volleyball in a blue v-neck sweater with a crew neck undershirt?  That's not proper attire.

If this was gym class, he'd get an F for the day and would have to sit out.

Even worse, nobody seems to care or notice that there's a hobo in a leather jacket who lives in the gym and gets a sexual thrill from watching them play.

Wait, maybe Loggins isn't a hobo, but the white version of Bagger Vance for volleyball.  He doesn't look very magical though.

At the 2:46 mark, there's a sky hook shot that nobody would ever actually use then a flamboyant use of the double gun celebration by same guy.

In case the homoerotic undertones of watching guys in short shorts play volleyball in slow motion weren't strong enough for you, the double guns add the exclamation point.

But this also serves as a rallying point for the women as they begin an epic comeback that features a chicken dance and cheesy 80s air guitar celebration around the 4:00 minute mark.

We know the women won thanks to the magical scoreboard that operates itself for recreation volleyball games.

Unless it's being operated by the one guy they wouldn't let play because he said, "Isn't it kind of weird we're breaking into a high school just to play volleyball?"

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