Friday, June 15, 2012

Wreck-It Ralph Playable Arcade Game

If you haven't seen the trailer for Disney cool looking new film "Wreck-It Ralph," then you're missing out.  Watch it here.

It's plot revolves around Wreck-It Ralph, a title character in a Donkey Kong like video game called "Fix-It Felix" who's sick of his role as the game's villain.

It's a long wait until the film's release on November 2nd so Disney's released a playable version of "Fix-It Felix" online.  

I almost regret being tipped off to this by the [middleaisle] tumbir because even though it's very simplistic, it's addicting.  

It's a game deliberately designed to waste your time as it's so easy to play, but has so many levels.  It's kind of like the video game equivalent of watching a VH1 reality show then realizing you wasted an hour of your life doing that.

Of course, that's why I'm sharing it with you.  If I'm going down this black hole of time wasting, then other people are coming with me.

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