Friday, July 13, 2012

The Flys - "Got You Where I Want You," Disturbing Behavior and Katie Holmes Divorce

The Flys "Got You Where I Want You" seems appropriate in light of the whole Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise divorce.

Holmes starred in the music video because it was off the soundtrack to the movie "Disturbing Behavior" that she was also in.  Both the song and movie are a little bit of eerie pop culture foreshadowing for Holmes.

Cruise got Holmes where he wanted her as his wife before she decided to divorce him.

I'd like to think that one day she was listening to "Got You Where I Want You" and the opening lyrics of "what's the point of this" inspired her to take action,  but that's probably not what happened.

The "Disturbing Behavior" connection is really interesting though.

People might argue that the movie's central plot featuring a conspiracy of town officials trying to forcibly turn Holmes' character and others into mindless and obedient people mirrored Holmes' real life for the last couple of years.

I don't know what's more amazing: the striking parallel between the movie and Holmes' life or that there's actually a legitimate reason to mention "Disturbing Behavior" other than how awful it is?

Now let's never speak of "Disturbing Behavior" again, and go back to pretending it doesn't exist.  It's much better that way.

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