Friday, July 6, 2012

Justin Bieber "Boyfriend" Music Video Breakdown: He Wouldn't Make a Very Good Boyfriend

I've been avoiding this Justin Bieber "Boyfriend" music video for awhile, but since it's a significant pop culture subject I have to deal with it.

Based on this video I'm not really sure why any girl would want to be Bieber's girlfriend.  Let's start with the beginning of the video where Bieber is rubbing up on this girl.

Considering he's not actually her girlfriend yet,  I think that's just called sexual harassment.  Whispering "if I was your boyfriend" and "swag" doesn't magically make it okay.

Maybe that's why Bieber is trying to bribe her into silence with the money in his hand he'd really like to blow.  It's that or he really has a thing for high-class call girls.

The rest of the video doesn't paint a great picture of being Bieber's girlfriend either.

Let's see, the first thing he'd apparently do is take his girlfriend to a random parking lot so she can watch him pretend he's in a "Fast and Furious" movie and do donuts in the parking lot.

Then he forces her to hang out with his seemingly perfect mix of ethnically diverse friends in that same parking lot to prove how politically correct and urban he is.

Is this a music video or a grittier JCPenney back to school commercial?  JCPenny has to trick teenagers into buying Arizona brand jeans somehow.

Oh what's this, the girl gets the added benefit of watching him play the guitar and perform choreographed dance routines in the same parking lot.

Intermittently, Bieber will stop to feel her up too.   This is apparently the coolest parking lot of all time as the girl watched Bieber dance and play guitar into the night.

It's true romance at work, and  I think men have a lot to learn from Bieber.  Forget dinner or a movie, a parking lot is the perfect place for a date and it's cost effective.

Notice how we don't see him blowing any of that money in his hands that he claimed he would.  If your date protests the parking lot venue, just yell "swag" enough times to render her concerns irrelevant.

Overall this is pretty ridiculous music video, but I have to admit the song features the best use of auto-tuned Owls that I've ever heard.

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