Friday, August 17, 2012

Hey Man That's Spandau Ballet Chevy Commercial

Chevrolet's commercial for its 2012 Malibu Eco is awful.  It certainly didn't help matters that it played during every Olympics commercial break.

Listening to a bunch of tone deaf people sing doesn't make me want to buy a car.  It just makes me hate those people.

If I wanted to hear middle-aged yuppies sing off key,  I'd go to a dueling piano bar.

Even worse, there's just blatant violations of the unspoken driver-music contract.  Especially the guy in the back who says, "Hey man that's Spandau Ballet" like they're musical legends.

Not only is it a douche move to belittle the driver, but nobody would say that.  He might as well said, "Hey man,  Chevy was too cheap to pay for the rights to an iconic song so I'm pretending this is one."

The more I see this commercial the more I think it looks like the beginning of a domestic violence PSA instead of a car commercial.

The quiet rage building inside the driver once he's emasculated not only by his friend, but then his girlfriend/wife who turns the radio back on to shut him up.  Hey it's happened with cold pizza and coffee before.

What we don't see is the driver flipping out and yelling "I drive a Chevy 2012 Malibu Eco!"  Kind of like this:

Or I could be completely wrong and it's more like of a Walter White thing where he yells, "I'm the one who controls the radio!"

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