Monday, October 1, 2012

Sesame Street Parody: Birdwalk Empire

"Sesame Street' keeps making great TV show parodies. This time they have spoofed "Boardwalk Empire" with their own "Birdwalk Empire."

They've cleverly replaced Steve Buscemi's Nucky character with a duck called Nucky "Ducky" Thompson and Lucky Luciano with a chicken called Clucky Luciano.

Tensions rise on the Birdwalk as the ducks and chicken realize that you can't be half a gangster... err I mean bird.

There's no replacement for the grating Margret Schroeder character, but I'd imagine she'd be an annoying pigeon.

If this was a real Birdwalk though, there would be a lot more bird droppings and seagulls eyeing food.

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