Friday, December 7, 2012

Has Jessica Biel Ever Been in a Good Movie?

Yes, Jessica Biel has appeared in a lot of movies, but it's deceiving because a lot of them were not good.  She like's the human bat signal for a bad movie.

In fact, I can not think of a single good movie she was in off the top of my head.

A look at her Rotten Tomatoes page validates her poor movie track record.  Nineteen of the 25 movies she has been in are rotten and under 50%.

Two or the three movies that are fresh are little known movies including one that's a documentary.  Even her one relevant fresh movie "The Illusionist," is overshadowed by the superior "The Prestige."

The quality of movies can be subjective as I would argue that "Rules of Attraction" is actually a good movie, but a common theme emerges from these Rotten Tomatoes scores.

Biel can not carry a movie.  Her best ratings occur when she has smaller parts in movies.  

Of course this begs the question, why does she keep getting cast in movies?  Obviously, everybody wants an attractive woman in their movie so this may be helping her case.

One could make the argument that her good looks prevent her from getting choice roles and she's stuck playing the hot girl in bad movies.

In fact,  Biel made this argument when she claimed her poor roles were the result of directors thinking she was too hot to play quality roles.

But if that were actually the case, Hollywood would be similar to the UK TV and film industry where it's sometimes hard to discern who's supposed to be the pretty one.

Since Biel isn't the only attractive actress in Hollywood, it's probably has a bit to do with her less than stellar acting skills.

I guess there's a new question to ask: Will Biel ever be in a good movie?

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