Friday, January 25, 2013

Songs with Baby in the Title

It's clear that the word "baby" must have some magical connotation in music circles.  Either that or when people run out of words to use "baby" is the default fallback.

It's crazy how many songs are titled "baby" or use the word in the song title.  Oh you like that song "Baby,"  which one?  That's kind of a loaded question.

Is it Brandy's "Baby,"  Justin Bieber's "Baby,"  Ashanti's "Baby,"  Amy Grant's  "Baby, Baby,"  or TLC's "Baby-Baby-Baby"?

Oh wait maybe you mean, Smokey Robinson and the Miracles "Ooo Baby, Baby," Shai's "Baby I'm Yours," Whitney Houston's "I'm Your Baby Tonight,"  The Supremes "Baby Love,"  or The Four Tops "Baby, I Need Your Loving."

Don't worry baby, we'll figure out which song it is.

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