Friday, February 22, 2013

Hi-Five - "She's Playing Hard to Get"

Hi-Five's "She's Playing Hard to Get" is often an overlooked classic in 90s R&B .  Hi-Five were kind of like a poor man's Boyz II Men.

But the song features almost everything you would want from a song from this era such as brightly colored dress shirts, vests, and sports coats along with choreographed dance moves.

In retrospect, the song and music video may also double as an instructional video for 90s sexual harassment.

The lyrics kind of sound like a musical defense to the human resources director for their inappropriate actions.

Group members are just assuming that a co-worker and female doctor want their sexual advances, but don't respond because the women are playing hard to get and won't admit it..

Actually they don't even assume because they claim to know "she likes it" and "can see it in her eyes."

Who am I kidding?  There's no way anybody could resist the song's sweet keyboard solo so they really must be playing hard to get.

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