Friday, February 1, 2013

Jesse Heiman Makes Out with Bar Refaeli in Go Daddy Super bowl Commercial

Things just keep getting better for Hollywood's go to background nerd Jesse Heiman as he gets to make out with Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli in Go Daddy's newest Super Bowl Ad.

He may never have dialogue, but who needs it when you get to make out with Refaeli.  According to Adweek, Heiman got to do it 45 times as it took that many takes to get it right.

That's unbelievable because it's uncomfortable enough to watch that one time never mind several more times.

Of course, the better question is why Refaeli agreed to make out with a nerd like Heiman for a commercial.

I doubt she needs the money so maybe Leonardo DiCaprio has just damaged her so much emotionally that lower tier guys now have a shot with her.

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