Friday, March 29, 2013

March Madness 2013: Pop Culture Thoughts

For some reason this year's March Madness doesn't seem as pop culture friendly as last year's but there are still some trends:

1. That's Stupid Bud Light Blind Date Commercial

Like every year, there is one commercial they play over and over again until it inspires murderous rage. This year it's the Bud Light blind date commercial.  Everything about it is annoying.

That guy probably can't go back to Cleveland because he was stupid enough to order a Bud Light and tell women he's glad they're not ugly.  Also, what place has waiters pour Bud Light bottles into a glass for you?

And if that's the case then clearly there's much better beer on tap than Bud Light.  Let's laugh about his friends sexually harassing her friends.  Haha, that's so funny.   Okay, now I'm angry again.

2.  Florida Gulf Coast University is like the updated and black remake of "Hoosiers"

Think about it.  You have an underdog 15 seed team that nobody really heard of that is making a magical run through the tournament by playing team basketball.  You can just imagine coach Andy Enfield recreating this scene for his team.  

Except in this version of the movie, the black players are the protagonists instead of the antagonists, and they throw a bunch of alley-oops which would likely happen in an update.

Point guard Brett Comer could be the token white guy in black movies.  You know like the white guy in "Drumline."  I'd say he could be Jimmy Chitwood, but since this would be a black remake then probably not.  

Enfield is obviously the Norman Dale character and his model wife represents a huge upgrade from the grating Barbra Hersey character.

3.  Sorry, TBS I'm not watching "Men At Work"

No matter how many times TBS plays the "Men At Work" promos,  they won't change my mind.  I am not brain dead.  

Why would I want to watch a show that seems like it revolves around four douchey guys who think they're hilarious?  I can see that everyday for free.

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