Friday, June 7, 2013

O-Town "Liquid Dreams" Video Breakdown

O-Town - Liquid Dreams by hubsi4u

I don't even know where to begin with  O-Town's "Liquid Dreams" video.  It's ridiculous on so many levels.

If you don't recall, O-Town was a boy band created in 2000 by the ABC reality show "Making the Band."

Clearly it was a natural progression for them to make a pop song with the suitable subject of wet dreams.

The song oddly starts off with a drum beat and horn that let's you know this is a serious subject.  Then the beat of course turns to the pop song you were expecting.

In case the literally lyrics such as "Every night she comes to me" are going over people's head, they make sure to highlight what the song is about with cheesy 2000s special effects.  They really blew their load on them.

The video created a world of semen with women made out of semen, semen raining from the sky, and the band dancing in pools of semen.  Anybody who doesn't get the meaning of the song at this point has to be brain dead.

In addition, it's kind of weird that all these guys are sharing one wet dream.  That's has to be a little awkward for them.  But apparently they found a way to inception themselves into a shared wet dream and are okay with it.

The other great thing about the song/video are the dated references to women including Destiny's Child, Madonna, Janet Jackson, J-Lo, and Tyra Banks.  Even back then it didn't make sense to say you wanted a woman anything like Madonna.

And now the majority of these women are menopausal so it doesn't have quite the desired effect anymore.

I don't think it's a stretch to think your mom would think you're lazy and your friends would think you're crazy when you keep obsessing about your wet dreams.

Those type of dreams are usually more of a thing you keep to yourself and not describe in detail to people.

Then again, O-Town also seems convinced that any girl would be flattered to be told that she's the star of your liquid dreams.  I'm not taking the odds on that one being true.

All that said, there is one thing about "Liquid Dreams" that can't be denied.  It's definitely the most passionate song about wet dreams of all time.

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