Friday, August 16, 2013

Greatest Proposal Ever with Saxophone

Video Thumbnail: ”Amores Verdaderos” Gets SubtitledThe Soup Blog transforms a romantic telenovela proposal into a perverted luncheon--just by adding subtitles! Take a look.

To anybody who ever thought, "know what would make this marriage proposal better, a random saxophone player," your dreams have come true.

The Soup Blog found this great clip of a proposal from the telenovela "Amores Verdaderos" that features a picnic, a random women playing saxophone, and an owl.

In case it's hard to follow, the Soup Blog provided some subtitles.  

I assume this is every woman's ideal proposal.  There's absolutely nothing creepy about a saxophone woman randomly appearing in a field and having no concept of personal space.

The woman must have some repressed rage about the proposal that she's trying to make the couple go deaf by playing the saxophone in their ears.  

Either that or she's been waiting in the field so long that she's gone feral.

This clip also scientifically proves that owls loves saxophones.

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