Friday, November 22, 2013

Sesame Street: The Hunger Games Parody (Hungry Games - Catching Fur)

With Hunger Games: Catching Fire out today, what's more appropriate than a Sesame Street parody of the movie called Hungry Games - Catching Fur?

Not to mention, I can never resist these clever Sesame Street parodies.

This one features Cookie Monster as Hungry Games participant Cookieness Evereat who volunteers because there are cookies.

It even has some fun with Evereat by breaking the fourth wall and acknowledging that being the strong female heroine of a successful film franchise is hard work.

Evereat's companions in the games are Finicky, a picky eater and Pita, who is literally a piece of pita bread.

Is it me or does that piece of bread actually kind of look like Josh Hutcherson?

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