Friday, January 24, 2014

Random Song of the Week: Oochie Wally

(NSFW Video)

I forgot about "Oochie Wally" by Nas featuring Bravehearts until it was randomly on the radio this week.  Nas and the beat are still as great as ever, but there's clearly a reason it doesn't get much radio play.

Looking back it's kind of amazing this song got as much airplay as it did.

It's three-plus minutes of these guys rapping about their sexual prowess and things they would do to women that's mostly uncensored.

Nas is the only rapper even trying to be clever while the rest of them can't be bothered with the effort.

It probably says something about Bravehearts rapping ability that they couldn't come up with any sexual metaphors and then people quickly forgot about them.

There isn't even a clean version of "Oochie Wally" on YouTube, but it sure looks like BET had no issue showing the unedited video.

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