Friday, January 17, 2014

The Perfect Bacon Bowl: Death by Bacon

The Perfect Bacon Bowl is a product for people who think, "Hey, I'd like to slowly kill myself with a bacon overdose."

It's not a surprise that the peak time for this commercial is 2 a.m. because it's something one believes he or she needs when drunk or really tired.

The commercial gets off to a great start with the proclamation that everyone loves bacon.  Sorry Muslims and vegans you've been overruled on this matter and you now love bacon.

The Bacon Bowl argument is essentially why waste your time with bread or a bowl you can't eat when you can have a bowl made out of bacon.

Naturally, this product shares the same death wish target demographic with the KFC Double Down. This is otherwise known as the I wash myself with a rag on a stick demographic.

The commercial even suggests making a bacon bowl ice cream sundae because what the hell you've already fallen this far down the bacon rabbit hole.

Although, the best unconfirmed benefit of the Bacon Bowl is that it produces cheesy sound effects like super loud hi-fives with friends.

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