Friday, February 28, 2014

The Biggest Mystery of True Detective: How Does Detective Hart Get These Women

HBO's True Detective is a show full of plot twists and turns, but there's one mystery that may never be answered.

How does Woody Harrelson's  Detective Martin Hart character keep pulling women way out of his league?  It's mind boggling.

Yes, I know I'm playing into  True Detective's problem of treating women like sex objects,  but this is in the interest of pop culture study.

I'll avoid major plot spoilers so people won't kill me.

Let's start with Hart's wife Maggie played by Michelle Monaghan.   Sure, she's above him in the looks department, but I could see that being a high school sweetheart type thing.  This isn't totally egregious.

Realistically, this is Hart's ceiling so he should be doing everything he can to hold on to her.  Yet, he's messing around with courthouse clerk Lisa Tragnetti (Alexandra Daddario).  Hart not only goes younger, but also more attractive.

Not quite sure how Hart pulls that one off.   He has the older man thing going for him, but seems to lack the charisma to make this happen.  Unless, all his charisma takes place off screen.

Hart's next conquest baffles me even more.  He manages to get an even younger woman as Beth from the T-Mobile store pretty much throws herself at him unprompted.

Taking Beth's character history into account, maybe it's because she sees Hart as the comforting father figure type that she never had,  even though that's a disturbing idea.

Hart is apparently the Don Draper of Louisiana despite lacking Draper's charm and intelligence. Although, he wisely eschews Draper's style of cheating with women less attractive than his wife.

It could be that Hart ranks high on the Louisiana bell curve of men or he just happens to target the demographic of hot, but messed up women.

Think about it.  The women that Hart surrounds himself with, all have a little crazy in them.

In a show full of twists, it's also interesting that Harrelson's Hart plays the womanizer opposed to McConaughey's character.

The only conclusion I can come to is that time is a flat circle where Hart has gotten women out of his league and will get women out of his league again.

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