Friday, February 7, 2014

Three Product Commercials Only Seen Late at Night

Late-night television commercials are strange things.  At a certain point, it's as though advertisers are done trying to gain your respect and it's take it or leave it.

Of course, there are the usual sketchy sex hot line commercials.  By the way, how are these things still in business?

Maybe there's an underground group of Luddite perverts that were too busy to use technology for their pursuits.

Beyond that stuff,  late-night TV offers commercials for strange products.  The type of stuff no one would buy sober. but maybe in an altered state of mind.  Here are three of the most common ones:

1. Perfect Bacon Bowl

I already discussed this a few weeks ago.  It's at least the product that seems the most appealing.  Having a bacon craving at 2 a.m. is not unheard of.

2.  The WaxVac

This might be my favorite late-night commercial.  The overacting by the guy shoving the q-tip in his ear and yelling "ow" gets me every time.

It's as if the director told him that he wasn't buying his performance of the q-tip hurting so the guy went way over the top like he had been stabbed.

I also like that an apparent side effect of using WaxVac is spontaneous smiling because the product is just so good.

3.  Microtouch Switchblade

Here's the great thing about this commercial: it not so subtly suggests using it for pubic hair, but in the same breath advocates using it for your kid's head.

I mean why pay for a haircut when you can just use the same device that's been up your nose and in your crotch on your head.  We're such suckers.

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