Friday, May 23, 2014

Terrifying New Mascots for Lemonheads and Mcdonald's Happy Meal

This has been a bad week to be a child as Lemonheads and Mcdonald's introduced creepy new mascots Lemonhead and Happy respectively.

Apparently market research determined that brand ambassadors who inspire fear are a good idea.

They both look like characters out of Goosebumps books,  but I think Lemonhead is the more disturbing mascot.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Disney Movie Character NFL Draft Profiles

If you haven't read Josh Levin's superhero draft profile over at Slate yet, then it is highly recommended that you do.  Inspired by Levin's article and the second day of the NFL draft, here are some NFL draft profiles on Disney movie characters.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Five Songs About Sunshine

For some reason, sunshine happens to be a fairly popular song topic.  It could be that sunshine is an effective metaphor for happiness and artists don't feel like coming up with new ones.

It's getting warmer so here are five songs about sunshine.

Len - Steal My Sunshine

Clearly the most ridiculous sunshine song on this list.  There's just so many strange things going on with this song and video:  nonsensical lyrics, a pseudo orange scooter gang, weird people.

I don't know what their sunshine is or who stole it, but I don't want any part of it.  They should have been more concerned about someone stealing their musical career as they were never heard from again.