Friday, May 9, 2014

Disney Movie Character NFL Draft Profiles

If you haven't read Josh Levin's superhero draft profile over at Slate yet, then it is highly recommended that you do.  Inspired by Levin's article and the second day of the NFL draft, here are some NFL draft profiles on Disney movie characters.


Agrabah,  wide receiver 

Background:  A poor kid from Agrabah, whose best friend is a monkey. He steals to get by until he finds a magical lamp.

Strengths:  Quick first step as stealing from the marketplace has allowed him to become an elusive runner.  He breaks hard out of his cuts and has an ability to make something out of nothing.  A real scrapper that will do whatever it takes to beat his man.

Weaknesses: Small frame for the position that raises durability issues and lacks top end speed.   Overly concerned about being called a street rat and loses concentration. Scouts worry about his rough background and a monkey being his best friend.  Several NCAA violations for stealing fruit from the marketplace.  Constantly questions authority.  He has a tendency to bobble balls and break off routes, which draws the ire of quarterbacks and coaches.

Outlook:  A Wes Welker type that plays bigger than his size, but could be dragged down by off field concerns.  He could be a good mid round pick.


Linebacker,  Italy?

Background:  A former puppet that was brought to life when his creator Geppetto wished on a star.

Strengths:  Solid motor, he's really coachable as he'll listen to just about anyone and follow their lead.  A real Rudy type.

Weaknesses:  Lacks ideal size with a child size body that makes him a likely injury risk.  Limited real world experience.  Easily fooled by snap count because he's too trusting and gullible.  Can't disguise coverage looks because his nose extends when he's lying.  Concerns about his agent Jiminy Cricket always being in his ear.

Outlook: A low round draft pick with limited upside, but he went to Rutgers so Bill Belichick has him rated higher on his board.  Belichick believes he's an all effort player that's well suited as the fifth special teams player on his roster.


France,  Defensive Tackle

Background:  A prince turned into a beast by an Enchantress that he made the mistake of shunning.

Strengths: Scouts really like his beast mode and raw power.  He has a great blend of speed and power to be a two gap lineman.  Game tape shows him fighting off as many as two to three people.

Weakness:  Sitting in a castle for 10 years has raised question about his conditioning.  There are also age concerns as scouts worry about whispers of "a tale as old and time." Immature and hot tempered, he has poor people skills.  Ideal size but very new to the game of football.

Outlook: There's not a better combination of power and size available at the position.  He's definitely a work in progress who will take a few years to develop and needs the right environment to do it in. His conditioning and temper raise legitimate questions, but well worth the risk for the reward.


Suburbs, Quarterback,

Background:  He's an old cowboy toy whose owner is Andy.

Strengths:  A born leader and winner that commands the respect of his teammates.  Intelligent and 100 percent committed to his team. He's brave and not afraid to take shots down field or make throws into coverage.

Weakness:  Stuffed with cotton so injury concerns along with a weak throwing arm.  Questions about whether he can make NFL type throws.  Maturity issues popped up when underclassman Buzz Lightyear was tipped to replace him as starting quarterback.  Nobody is really sure how old he is.

Outlook:  A throwback quarterback that fits the Peyton Manning mold of leadership. but not ideal arm strength.  His intangibles are too good to pass up and could see some team taking a first round flyer on him.


Africa,  Linebacker? ???

Background: From a royal family, his father King Mufasa was killed by his uncle Scar when he was young.  He left home and befriended a meerkat and a warthog.

Strengths: Big, strong, and powerful.  Has game changing speed to track down opponents and make plays.

Weakness:  He's a lion and lions can't play football.  Too much of a nice guy on the football field.  Needs a mean streak.

Outlook:  Again he's a lion, and Detroit has proved that lions don't do too well in the NFL

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