Friday, September 5, 2014

Last Five Songs I Heard in the Supermarket

It's that time once again to see what songs they are randomly playing in supermarkets.

1. Green Day - Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)

It's still strange to think this is actually a Green Day song, but perfect if you want to get sentimental about the food you're buying.  It's something unpredictable but in the end that fruit looks ripe, I hope it doesn't give me the food poisoning of my life.

2. Black Box -  Everybody  Everybody 

Possibly the most 90s song of all time with it's club beat.  It's a time warp back to the 90s when everything sounded like a dance song for a club with a black woman singing for some added soul.   The video only reinforces how 90s it is.

3. Nine Days - Absolutely (Story of a Girl)

It's a song from one-hit wonders Nine Days that you're only going to hear in a supermarket, although you'll definitely recognize it.   You might catch yourself surreptitiously nodding along to it and notice other customers doing the same despite the song's huge cheese factor.

4. Santana featuring Michelle Branch - Game of Love

This was made for supermarkets, shopping malls, and elevators as it provides bland background music.  Remember that brief time everybody thought Santana was cool because he got a bunch of pop stars to sing on his stuff and Michelle Branch was dominating the charts?

There are a lot of lyrics about being near the door of someone's candy store, which sounds like it would get you arrested more than anything.  It's certainly no "Smooth"as there are not any mentions of oceans being under the moon.

5. Rod Stewart - The Motown Song

I love Motown music, but I really hate this song.   The video just makes it even worse because it's uncomfortable to watch with its bad dancing and animation.  Stewart seems to have perfected the old white guy awkwardly dances because he thinks he has soul move.

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