Friday, June 19, 2015

Carl's Jr's Hot Dog Topped Burger Has Gone Too Far

This time Carl's Jr has really gone too far.  They introduced a burger that has two hot dogs and potato chips with a burger patty called The Most American Thickburger.

Who wants to eat that and why?  It's pretty much the equivalent of "bacon up that sausage boy," and your heart will definitely hurt.

If anything, this further proves my theory that if something stays still long enough that Carl's Jr will slap it between two buns and call it a burger.

It's only a matter of time before Carl's Jr introduces the cannibal burger.  Parents better keep a close eye on children during visits to the restaurant.

Hasn't Carl's Jr already done enough damage to America's youth?  I'm not even talking about overweight kids and possible juvenile diabetes.

Their commercials with half naked woman and burgers have probably created a whole generation of boys that get weird boners when they see a burger because they can't dissociate it from women

The Most American Thickburger joins the hall of fame of bad fast food items with the KFC Double Down and Pizza Hut's hot dog stuffed pizza crust.

It also begs a bigger question of why people are suddenly trying to stuff hot dogs (one of the worst quality meats) into perfectly good food such as hamburgers and pizzas.

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